You are part of a group of up to ten people all doing the same one hour full body workout with our instructor demonstrating, and cueing the class.

Group Classes Including:

  • Pilates Cardio Circuit – This class rotates through various Pilates stations & incorporates a cardio component. It is a full body workout.
  • Pilates Circuit – Similar to the Pilates Cardio Circuit, minus the cardio element.
  • Pilates Pre & Postnatal – Safe conditioning for new mothers or mothers to be.
  • Introductory Mat Course – A progressive five week course for novices.
  • Pilates Foundation – A ‘drop in’ technique class set at a foundations level.
  • Pilates Mat – No equipment. It’s you verses gravity and your own body weight.
  • Pilates Small Apparatus – Utilising: Swiss Balls, Resistance rings, Spine Corrector, Freeform boards, Core Fitness Roller, free weightsand Resistance bands.
  • Pilates for Men – Group classes including; Men with Big Balls, Men on the Mat, & Men on Machines.


At Pilates Focus we change group class programming every five weeks.

This ensures that you do not get bored with the same routine and also means that your muscles are challenged in different ways to maximise your gains. Two to three sessions per week on a regular basis will change your body.