You and up to three others per instructor are guided through personalised programs.

Private & P4 Personalised Programs utilising:

  • Trapeze Table – A specialised piece of Pilates equipment with various spring loaded applications. Used largely for strength and assisted mobility exercises
  • Pilates Mat – No equipment. It’s you verses gravity and your own body weight
  • Reformer – Another spring loaded Pilates apparatus with a sliding carriage. Used for full body strength, stretch and mobility this apparatus has a vast repertoire.
  • Spine Corrector – Used mainly for stretch, Spinal mobility & abdominal strength
  • ‘Wunda’ Chair – another multi-functional, spring loaded Pilates specific apparatus
  • Small Appartus – Core Fitness Roller, Freeform board, Resistance bands, Resistance rings, free weights, & Swiss Balls

Pilates Focus recommends two or three Private or P4 personalised programs per week to maximise your gains. These sessions are great for goal specific programs including sports training, general fitness & rehabilitation. Your program is monitored and regularly changed as you progress.